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My Radio Interview for Birth of a Family in Iosco County

Birth of a Family

Harbor Lights Pregnancy & Information Center of Iosco County, Michigan, is hosting a program created by Stuart Carver called Birth of a Family.

This program helps answer questions about making decisions and relationships. If you think it might be time to do something different and are ready to decide what is important for yourself, this is for you!

Join the conversation and meet others exploring life and family just like you!

Birth of a Family Flyer

Find encouragement and inspiration and experience change.

These groups help individuals, young and old, boys, men, husbands, and fathers. Emerging adults exploring relationships. Men and women preparing for marriage and family.

The Birth of Family program is held on Wednesdays from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm at Rushman Hall (the Knights of Columbus) at 821 Newman St., East Tawas, Michigan.

Child care is available.

Join the fun and find out what we are about.

Bring family and friends!

For any questions, call Carol at 989-305-6308


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