Tithes, Alms, Gifts & Offerings

100% of Tithes & Offerings go to General Fund unless specifically designated for

one of the following accounts;

Church Building Payment 


Gas {heating} 


Office Supplies 

Website / Advertising 

Children's Ministry 

Building Fund 

Roof Fund 

Parking Lot Fund 



During COVID-19 crisis and the health concerns with the spreading of the virus by unsuspecting members who may be infected and not know it, all meetings, groups, and services will be placed on HOLD. 

Church service will consist of Online sermons on our Facebook page, as well as text uploads to sermon webpage TruthDigest.org, and audio uploads (when available) to our Archive which can be reached here.

Now more than ever our church needs your tithes and donations so that after this event we will still have a church to return to!  Although our services have been put on hold, our bills and financial responsibilities continue, and we need to also continue in our financial support of this ministry.

We understand that some of you may be burdened during this time, my wife and I are as well since we are self-employed and I have had to close my shop as well as my cafe'.

We must continue to work together, trust in the Lord during these times, and have faith that we will make it through these times.

God Bless and thank you for your support and help in keeping our doors open!

Pastor Bruce Shields

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