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Statistics of Believers Don't Lie

Statistics of Believers Does Not Lie

I find it very telling when I see the statistics for the sermons I post. I have written over 800 sermons on just about every topic in scripture you can imagine.

In the last two weeks, they have received nearly 400 views on our church website, not counting our two Facebook pages and Sermon Central, where I share with pastors from around the world.

I imagine most of these are interested in God and scripture, while a small portion looks out of curiosity.

In the sixteen years I have been posting sermons, our website only started keeping statistics for the last eleven.

I find the stats interesting and telling at times.

The number one sermon with the most views is about paying taxes as a Christian, with nearly 1,300 views.

The close second is about commitment, with 1,100 views.

The third is the sin of accusation, with 442 views, and the fourth is about divorce, with 347 views.

I find it interesting

Let's assume that everyone who reads the sermons is a born-again Christian. Three times as many readers are interested in what the bible says about taxes than the sin of accusation, and four times as many are more interested than those wanting to understand what scripture says about divorce.

I believe that as "Christians," we have lost sight of what is truly important in our lives, probably one of the most important things, and that's family.

Non-Denominational Minister's Manual of church ordinances by Pastor Bruce A. Shields

Not taxes or our money, the things we have, want or even think we may need. Family is the center of what humanity is and will become. Family is our present and our future. What we need now more than ever is a paradigm change in what is truly important.

I pray this next generation comes to its senses and realizes that if you lose the closest person to you, no amount of money or things could ever take their place. If the ones we love are irreplaceable, shouldn't we treat them as such?

I believe selfishness and greed are born in each of us. If left unchecked and managed, it destroys our personal lives and profoundly affects our present and future.

I pray that men and women of this and the next generation have an awakening and put their trust in God, specifically Christ, as their Savior. Read His Word, and have faith in Him for our present and future.


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