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News about Pastor's Right Eye

Update on Pastor's Eye

First, that is not my eye in the picture, and second, for the paranoid, I cannot see you on your side of the computer screen. But I needed an image for my update and thought, what better than an eye for a report about my eye and a visit to the specialist?

In case you don't remember, last November, I went to a routine eye appointment, where they believed I had a tear in my retina and told me to go straight to UofM for an emergency exam because I could permanently lose my sight if I wait. It was a Friday, of course, and traffic was horrid, but we had no choice.

After the exam and many minutes of trying to hold still as the doctor prodded around with "paddles," as she called them, pulling and pressing my eyeball, they took a few ultrasounds. They determined nothing was wrong, and the spot was a simple anomaly.

Then, nearly seven weeks ago, I woke with "bloom" vision in my right eye. It's sort of like trying to look through wax paper. Everything is white, with no definition of shape, and we are barely able to see shadows or color. It was a little scary. I went to the local eye doctor, and the bloom was so thick he couldn't see to the back of my eye. My eye pressure was 56, and it was supposed to be around 10, so he gave me drops to bring the pressure down and told me to return in a few days.

I returned, and the pressure dropped to around 26. He checked and said there was no damage to my optic nerve, thank God. and sent me to a specialist. My first visit took place just a few days later, and she did a few tests, added another drop, and told me to come back in a few weeks, which was my appointment yesterday.

So, I have had vision problems with my right eye for approximately 6 1/2 weeks. It makes reading, studying, writing, and doing anything very difficult. Some days, I can't drive because of the bloom. Many have been praying for me, and I so appreciate that.

I was tested again yesterday, and as far as my actual vision is concerned, they said my eyes are surprisingly well. Only a couple of small patches were bad on my right, and one small patch on my left. I have glaucoma, for sure, but they believe it can be easily remedied.

I will be going back for a procedure on the 22nd of April, where they will use a laser to create a drain port in my eye to relieve the pressure. This should resolve the problem with the blooming and pressure. This procedure can be repeated as often as necessary and does not cause scarring, so I am excited.

I thank God we live in a time where we can access the medicine we do, and I want to thank everyone and have them continue to pray for great results. I have too much to do still with putting together the seminary courses and preparing to teach again for this eye to make study and writing so difficult.

I will "see" you all in Church next Sunday.

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Oh wonderful!!!! I'm so glad you're improving! Medicine is amazing and it is absolutely moving to know the abilities the fields have on how to help people with whatever it is that they have!

I've been praying for you and miss you all at church!

Mi piace
Risposta a

We miss you too! Hows the transportation situation??

Mi piace

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