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App announcement for The House of Faith Church

Greetings everyone!

I just wanted to write a quick announcement about our church App and the new addition to the groups. We currently have three groups: Ask the Pastor, Articles of Faith, and Current Needs. The articles of faith display the beliefs of the Christian Faith, and current needs also state the obvious, the needs of someone in the church or community. The update is for Ask the Pastor. I put two categories in the group, About Scripture and About Topic, just to make finding answers easier.

So, if you have a question about a certain scripture verse, ask in that category, and if you have a question about a topic, such as faith, fear, love, etc, ask in the topic section. I believe this will make finding answers and asking questions easier for users.

If a new category is ever needed, I can add it later. Also, if there is anything we can do to streamline the App or our website,, just email me, and I will get back to you. God Bless!


Thanks for subscribing!

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